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Everything you need to know about choosing a new Learning Management System

LMS Selection Resources from WBT Systems
Choosing a New LMS?

Whether this is your first Learning Management System (LMS) or you have decided your current learning platform doesn't allow you to achieve your goals - if you don’t accurately and completely identify and prioritize your real needs, your new LMS will fall short of expectations. 

These free resources might be helpful in starting your LMS search and defining your requirements, to ensure you select an LMS that is the right fit for your organization. 

Where do I start?

The most important step in selecting a new LMS is to gather, analyze, and define your requirements. This process—the discussions and decisions—is the most important part of any technology selection. If you don’t get it right, you won’t create a useful RFP or select the best LMS for your association. These resources will help you to get started:

Who can help me?

With more than 700 learning platforms on the market, how do you narrow the field down to the best learning management systems (LMS) for your association’s needs? You could go it alone and rely on the recommendations of your peers on forums and review sites. Or, you could hire an LMS consultant to help you with requirements, selection, and implementation. 

Securing approval and buy-in

When you have a learning strategy that’s aligned with your association’s strategic plan, you’re more likely to get the support and resources you need for your educational programs and secure buy-in from other departments. You will need to know how to make a persuasive case for a new learning management system (LMS) to the decision-makers at your association. 

Planning for a Successful Implementation

Your LMS requirements may change between selecting and implementing a new LMS. To create meaningful, truly impactful learning experiences, you need to review and plan carefully to ensure a successful implementation from day one. If your LMS implementation will include integration with other systems, like an AMS or CRM, there are additional factors to consider. 

Key decisions that sometimes surprise

During the selection and implementation of a learning management system (LMS), you have many decisions to make. But some decisions often take associations by surprise. There’s no right or wrong approach to the topics below - every association has different needs.

Ensure acceptance of your new LMS

Whether considering implementing a Learning Management System for the first time, or changing over from an existing system, one of the first things that should be discussed is how you are going to market it to your members and non-members alike to ensure a successful adoption.  The better the plan the better chances for success!

Get more from your investment in a new LMS

If your association’s learning management system (LMS) is only used by staff in the education department, you’re not taking full advantage of its potential. An LMS can do so much more than help you manage online courses, certification and accreditation programs, digital badges, and webinars. We’ve come up with additional ways you can use an LMS to deliver more value: 

LMS Selection Resources from WBT Systems
Why is an LMS a Game Changer?

Game changer—that’s a pretty bold declaration about an LMS but we stand behind it. A game changer is “the transformational magic that takes organizations from ordinary to exceptional.” An LMS can transform your educational programs and membership experience in just that way. It’s not only the technology that’s the game changer—it’s the changes in your association’s culture and mindset that make this new bigger vision possible. An LMS can kick start the type of change that allows your association to have a much bigger impact on your industry or profession, and on your members. “Game changer” sounds about right. Good luck with your LMS search. If we at WBT Systems can help in any way, do get in touch.

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